Speclj is a testing framework for the clojure language. We created Speclj because we wanted a framework that was easy to use and effective. Speclj has intuitive and concise syntax so clojure developers crafting software don't have to fight with their testing framework anymore.

Get Started Now

Everything you need to get started now can be found on this website. In our Installation section we show you how easy it is to download and setup Speclj. Then in our Tutorial section we have a written guide that shows you how to get the most out of Speclj.

Join Us

Want to become a member of our community? Want to help shape one of the premiere clojure testing frameworks? Find out how to become a member of our community by visiting the Community section of our site.


If you want additional information about how to use Speclj, take a look at the Documentation section of our site. Or if you want to look at Speclj's source code to see how everything works, check out our repository on GitHub here.